As I am, As you are

Hello World!

My name is Aama Iaolani. I come from the great lands of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I have created this blog as a sanctuary and authentic view of my life. My journey so far has had some interesting twists and turns that I am sure will continue to ensue. I find a lot of blogs, marketing, and social media are shallow and may not gleam the wisdom people are searching for. Wisdom cannot be ensured on my end, however, I can definitely promise to tell you the truth. You know that silly, cliche quote, “Just be yourself because everyone else is already taken.”? Well it’s true. That’s why it’s a cliche right? So here it goes: my story for all its worth. On this blog I will feature yoga poses of the week, nutritious and delicious recipes, as well as the true truth I experience in my day to day life concerning love, yoga, & health.


6 thoughts on “As I am, As you are

    • aamaharwood says:

      Thanks, Norma!

      I’m so happy to hear you like it! Always feel free to leave a comment of make a suggestion of any recipe you’d like me to make or yoga pose you’d like to learn 🌺❤️


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